David J Leggett, PhD, CChem, MRIC Expert Witness
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General Specialties: Chemistry & Chemicals and Safety

Specialty Focus: Chemical process safety, expert testimony, runaway reactions, highly hazardous chemicals, OSHA process safety management, chemical hazard analysis, liquid and solid flammablility, strong oxidizers and reducers, hazardous chemical storage, polymerizations, metal alkyls, molten metal processes

Education: Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Univ. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Years in Practice: 25

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 6

Additional Information

Dr. Leggett combines an extensive chemical knowledge with process safety to provide advanced risk analysis to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries. He has participated in several industrial plant fires and explosion investigations, and has provided expert testimony in lawsuits involving chemical reactivity, chemical process safety, chemical storage, and OSHA regulations. He has performed over 200 hazard and risk reviews in North America, Europe, and Asia utilizing all of the accepted hazard evaluation techniques. These studies, often focused on chemical reactivity hazards, have included chloralkali, magnesium and aluminum, latex, polyolefins, polycarbonate, polyesters, amines, alkylene oxides, multifunctional alcohols, halocarbon, urethane and isocyanate chemistries. Dr. Leggett has developed chemical hazard identification and evaluation programs for several companies. These programs have focused on both risk identification and minimization.