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  • Company: AG Real Estate Inc.
  • Phone: (801) 201-4868

Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Real Estate and Repossession

Specialty Focus:

REO (Real Estate Owned), Foreclosure, Property Preservation, Property Maintenance, Repairs, Vacant Property, Occupied Property, Unsecured Property, REO Valuation, REO Value Reconciliation, Zombie Foreclosures, Single Family, Condo, Townhome, Blight, Fair Housing, Environmental Issues, Disclosures.


B.S. Economics, University of Utah

Years in Practice:


Additional Information

Mr. Oliverson has legal experience related to REO (Real Estate Owned) and Foreclosure process in all states through his 20 years as an REO outsourcer for the largest banks, hedge funds, GSE’s and other institutional sellers. He has been deposed on cases related to property condition disclosures in California. He has also provided input and expert witness work for his former employer related to a variety of issues related to REO and post Foreclosure assets. Specific legal interaction includes environmental issues, incomplete and haphazard repairs, fire damage to neighboring homes, property registration, and many other matters and disputes that have arisen between property owners, buyers, municipalities, real estate agents and others. Mr. Oliverson is open to working on legal matters in all 50 states. Mr. Oliverson is a licensed real estate broker in Utah (since 2005), Georgia and is pending in Florida. Parallel to his real estate practice, Mr. Oliverson oversaw the outsourcing operations for the largest REO Outsourcer in the US. His resume and experience spans origination, loss mitigation, default, maintenance, repair, valuation, marketing, and disposition, working in both fast paced and dynamic startup environments as well as in established corporate structures. His responsibilities and experience have spanned line level daily tasks to management and responsibility for entire divisions, allowing him the benefit of understanding processes, vendors, clients and to bring a unique problem solving and leadership view to any real estate related case. Key career achievements include: -100,000 REO closings with an aggregate value of more than $10B. -Selling REO through multiple channels, including Retail, Auction and Bulk. -Standing inventory of up to 12,000 REO assets, with co-management in excess of 20,000. -Establishing and maintaining relationships with GSE's (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac), Banks, Credit Unions, Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Private Investors. -Developing a vendor network for the REO lifecycle, including Brokers, Auction Companies, Property Preservation, General Contractors, Attorneys, and Escrow Companies. -Seamless onboarding experiences for new clients, including onsite due diligence. -Designing and implementing boutique services to clients to meet their liquidation strategies and goals. -Proactively identifying ways to improve processes, timelines, and outcomes. -Creating KPIs to monitor daily, weekly, and monthly tasking; delivering to clients and staff. -Creating (and presenting) Power Point presentations for client accountability meetings. -Regularly participating at various industry events as a panelist, host, and speaker.