Brandy Seyller Expert Witness
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General Specialties:

Cardiothoracic Surgery and Nurse

Specialty Focus:

ECMO Specialist, Nurse, Neurosurgery, Critical Care, ICU, Traumatic brain injury, stroke, vascular surgery, impella, Intra Aortic Balloon Pump, Heartmate, Tandem Heart, CRRT, EKOS, Fall Risk, Heart Transplant, Lung transplant, Respiratory Arrest, Cardiac arrest, standard of care.


BSN, Brenau University

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Additional Information

Critical Care Nurse, preceptor, charge nurse, rapid response nurse, and pediatric/neonatal/adult ECMO Specialist. Skilled in all areas of critical care with expertise in medical support devices, cardiac surgery, lung and heart transplants, neurological injury and trauma related nursing care. Skilled in knowing nursing protocols, titration of medications relating to patient response, ventilator management, safety precautions, fall risk, response times, use of lifts, patient monitoring standards, transition of care, and documentation recording standards. Utilizing what I learned as a result of obtaining Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification, I contributed to improving patient safety and better outcomes by serving on local and world organization committees directly impacting nursing standards of care in critical care settings. I have been retained by both plaintiff and defense attorneys who sought my expert opinion regarding whether or not deviation or compliance with nursing standards of care existed in medical-legal cases. My personal strengths as an expert are being detail oriented, highly logical and analytical. My opinions are based on the evidence as compared to the standards of care. I will not be influenced during deposition by opposing attorney in regards to my expert opinion, not even when asked after 3 hours, “Would you defer to the Harvard trained Neurosurgeon’s opinion about what he thinks happened?” The facts remain the same and my opinion will not change.