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  • Company: iDiscovery Solutions (iDS)
  • Phone: 714-261-0348
  • Website: www.idsinc.com

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Computers and Information Technology

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digital forensics, electronic discovery, digital evidence, electronic evidence, computer forensics, cell phone, mobile device, data collection, social media, cloud computing, IT forensics, information governance, cyber security, fake evidence, testimony, forensic investigation, cybersecurity.

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Mr. James D. Vaughn, a Managing Director of iDiscovery Solutions (iDS), is a certified, court-recognized expert who has given live testimony in well over 80 cases involving topics such as evidence preservation, documentation of events, and digital forensic methodologies and procedures. Mr. Vaughn has received and maintained several digital forensic certifications over the last 18 years. Mr. Vaughn has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers, attorneys, and other examiners on computer forensics and high technology related issues involving best practices and methodologies. He has 16 years’ law enforcement experience, has codeveloped digital forensic courses for the California Department of Justice, and has been involved in high stakes cases throughout his career. Mr. Vaughn has extensive experience working on litigation and consulting matters in digital forensics, e-Discovery, and other high technology issues. His experience covers Windows, MACs, and mobile device platforms. He serves his clients through the litigation or consulting lifecycle by assisting them with important issues like data scoping, preserving, gathering, processing, hosting, review and production, as well as deeper diving issues uncovered through the use of digital forensics. Mr. Vaughn’s matters have widely varied and span across diverse areas such as misappropriation of trade secrets, intellectual property issues, contract disputes, fraud investigations, alleged hacking, and employment disputes, among others. He has served clients on the plaintiff side, the defendant side, and has served as a third-party neutral on several occasions. EDUCATION • More than 1,800 hours of formal training in computer forensics, including (but not limited to): • SANS FOR500 – Windows Forensic Analysis • Cellebrite CCPA and CCLO Mobile Device Course • IACIS Certified Computer Forensic Examiner Course • Guidance Software Intermediate Training • National White-Collar Crime Center Data Recovery and Analysis • California DOJ POST Advanced Computer Forensics • Guidance Software Internet and E-mail Examination • Guidance Software Advanced Training • National White-Collar Crime Center Advanced Data Recovery Analysis SELECT CONSULTING EXPERIENCE • Provided computer forensic analysis testimony in a United States District Court spoliation matter that resulted in a default summary judgment of more than 5 million dollars against the plaintiffs. • Led a team of computer forensic examiners in the analysis of over 20 computers for a large financial institution in an intellectual property matter. Assisted in creating computer security policies to mitigate future possible intellectual property theft. • Led a team during the multiple location service of a civil order allowing the examination of opposing parties’ computers. These computers maintained financial records showing the sale of millions of dollars of counterfeit merchandise in violation of international trademark and copyright laws. • Provided expert witness testimony concerning spoliation of evidence where an individual had used a specific program to destroy data just days prior to his computer being inspected. • Provided deposition testimony concerning file deletion activity on a computer involved in a multi- milliondollar litigation matter. • Managed a banking industry SEC investigation involving a multi-terabyte collection and review of data, with all activities occurring at the client’s offshore corporate offices. • Managed a team of consultants that forensically preserved information from more than 100 computers from a global organization, which included the processing of multi-terabytes of data for an SEC investigation. • Managed an incident response team that had to mobilize within a matter of hours. The team successfully preserved and forensically imaged 40 computers within nine hours, without the suspected employees knowing the imaging activity occurred.