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Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry

Specialty Focus:

Depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance use disorders, addiction, personality disorders, borderline personality, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, trauma, malingering, narcissistic personality disorder


Psychiatry residency, Harvard-South Shore ; D.O., Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

Years in Practice:


Additional Information

I am a Board Certified psychiatrist trained at Harvard South Shore Psychiatry and the associated VA systems. Selected fellow of American Psychiatric Association Addiction Fellowship. Forensic training at the Solomon Carter Fuller MHC in Boston, MA. Although I am a generalist who works consistently with a variety of mental health disorders, I have additional experience outside of general psychiatry in addiction/substance use disorders and in psychotherapy to manage personality disorders. I am based in and from the state of Montana. Comfortable with a range of psychiatric disorders and comorbidities, as well as discernment of primary psychiatric issues from antisocial behaviors and/or malingering. Disorders: -PTSD -Major depressive disorder -Bipolar disorder (including cyclothymia, rapid cycling) -Anxiety disorders -Panic disorder -OCD -Post-partum disorders -PMDD -Substance use disorders -Antisocial personality disorder -Borderline personality disorder -Narcissistic personality disorder Therapy related issues: -family dynamics -intergenerational trauma -insight-oriented psychotherapy -psychodynamic therapy -relationship strife -interpersonal struggles Impact of lifestyle related issues: sleep, diet, exercise, stress, isolation