Dan Laird, M.D., J.D. Expert Witness
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General Specialties:

Pain Management - Medicine and Family Medicine

Specialty Focus:

telemedicine, primary care, opioids, overdose, benzodiazepines, respiratory depression, apnea, pain management, pain medicine, pain relief, overdose, prescribing, medical necessity, oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, hydromorphone, gabapentin, sleep apnea, hypoxia, anoxic brain damage, analgesia


MD, University of Washington Seattle; JD, University of Nevada Las Vegas; BS, University of Idaho Moscow; MFA (candidate), Seton Hill University

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Additional Information

Dr. Laird has more than 25 years of experience as a primary care and pain management physician. He has extensive experience safely prescribing opioids and is familiar with the consequences of not only over-prescribing, but also under-prescribing of opioids. Dr. Laird holds expertise in anesthesiology and the pharmacology of opioids, benzodiazepines, sedatives, hypnotics, and other sedating medications. He is also intimately familiar with how these medications interact to cause respiratory depression, airway obstruction, apnea, and overdose. Dr. Laird is familiar with the legal and medical issues related to allegations of overprescribing opioids. He is familiar with the standard of care with regard to urine drug testing (UDS) and the pros and cons of the same. Dr. Laird has expertise in the medical and legal aspects of addiction, physical and psychological dependence, withdrawal, diversion, misuse, and the management of opioid addiction. Though Dr. Laird is trained as both a physician and an attorney, he understands his role as a medical expert. The legal issues are best left to the lawyers. Dr. Laird is familiar with the standard of care for the use of Suboxone (buprenorphine) and holds special qualifications to prescribe the same. He is familiar with the standard of care for the use of Suboxone by both pain management and primary care providers. Dr. Laird holds licenses to practice medicine in Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Alabama. Dr. Laird has substantial experience practicing telemedicine and is familiar with both the benefits and the limitations of telemedicine and the standard of care for telemedicine physicians, PAs, and NPs. Dr. Laird has worked with both Plaintiff and Defense firms. His philosophy is that the expert is a consultant to the legal team representing the client. He strives to be prompt, responsive, user friendly, and available to the legal team. Dr. Laird takes steps to ensure that his expert rates are reasonable and commensurate with other experts with similar qualifications. He prides himself on successful long-term professional relationships that are mutually beneficial.