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General Specialties:

Slip Trip & Fall and Premises Liability

Specialty Focus:

Snow & Ice Management and Operations, Ice Related Slip and Fall, Snow Related Slip and Fall, Snow Clearing for Parking Garages, Deicing Operations, Deicing Materials, Refrozen Ice, Winter Precipitation Types, Snow Plow Safety, Snow Response Plan, Snow Storage, Snow Risk & Liability


Certified Snow Professional, Snow & Ice Management Association; Advanced Snow Manager, Snow & Ice Management Association

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Additional Information

Professional Association Memberships • The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) – 2008 – Current • The Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) - 2011 – 2014 Committees Served • The Snow & Ice Management Association o Education – 2011 – 2013, 2018 - Current o Outreach – 2011 – 2018 o Symposium – 2011 – 2012 o Snow Strategies Forum – 2013 • The Accredited Snow Contractors Association o Safety – 2012 – 2014 Accomplishments • Achieved Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification in 2008 • Achieved Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) Certification in 2019 • Guest Speaker at SIMA Symposium in 2012 • SIMA Symposium Snack & Chat Facilitator – 2012 & 2013, 2018 & 2019 • Taught snow & ice management best practices to staff and subcontractors in Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nebraska from 2009 to now. Having developed a passion for snow and ice management, over the last quarter century Ken dedicated a great deal time to learning best practices such as equipment and material knowledge; contract language; snow removal and deicing operational tactics; and crew, material, and slip & fall risk management. Ken is a one stop shop for anything and everything relative to the snow and ice management industry. He has provided consulting and in-field services for international facilities management corporations as well as local property owners / managers, and has personally managed snow removal services throughout the country. Ken has attained both the Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) and Certified Snow Professional (CSP) designations from the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA). The ASM program has four courses and focuses on in-field best practices, science and chemical knowledge. The CSP is a highly sought after credential that is only awarded to an individual after they meet experience requirements and pass a written test proctored by SIMA. There are very few CSPs relative to the amount of snow removal contractors in North America. Although SIMA has thousands of members, less than 250 have attained the CSP Designation. CSP testing covers fields such as snow and ice science, operations, techniques and subcontracting. Ken has Snow & Ice Management expert, consulting and production experience in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and he has extensive knowledge in the following areas relative to snow and ice management industry standards: Expert witness services for both plaintiff and defense attorneys Equipment procurement, routing, maintenance and operation Remediation techniques Litigation strategy Deposition prep and strategy Granular, pelletized, flake and liquid deicing chemicals Winter precipitation types Refrozen ice Sub-contracting Deicing material procurement, storage and application Contract negotiation and management Sales and customer service