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  • Company: Quandary Peak Research
  • Phone: (202) 609-8317
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Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Information Technology and Intellectual Property

Specialty Focus:

source code review, source code comparison, patent, copyright, trade secret, contract failure, Java, C++, Python, Ruby, Golang, SQL, ERP, EHR, AWS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, Android, iOS, IBM, SAP, Internet, Website, database, COBOL, reverse engineer, software quality, software patent


M.S. Computational Chemistry, Stony Brook University; LLM. Int'l Business Law and Economics, Georgetown Univ. Law Center

Years in Practice:


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Additional Information

Summary Mr. Pflaum is an IT litigation consultant and source code reviewer. For the last nine years, Mr. Pflaum has specialized in advising clients on patent, copyright, trade secret and software implementation disputes. Mr. Pflaum is skilled in code review and reverse engineering of software systems. He has extensive experience reviewing and reverse engineering code written in C-based programming languages, and has also reviewed machine code, assembly code, CAD code, and application code for enterprise n-tier and SOA applications written in a variety of languages. He has been involved in a variety of intellectual property, contract, fraud, and computer forensics cases. Mr. Pflaum is also an attorney and registered patent agent with professional experience in financial services and software development. Software Review Experience (Languages) C/C++/C#, Objective C (iOS), Swift, SQL, Java, Kotlin, Visual Basic, COBOL, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, GoLang, Ruby, CodeSys, MatLab, Fortran, VHDL, Assembly Software Review Experience (Industries) • Automotive systems (e.g., electronic throttle and braking controls) • Cloud computing including apps built on Amazon Web Services (AWS)C • Cryptographic protocols, cryptocurrencies, and peer-to-peer messaging systems • Consumer electronics like set-top boxes and portable media players • On-Chip and on-board controllers including power management and memory access controllers • E-commerce and enterprise systems and websites, including SaaS, COTS, OOTB and custom apps • Industrial controls (e.g., robotics and factory automation technologies) • Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensor networks • Medical and analytical devices and electronic medical record databases • Mobile devices and apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets