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Life Insurance Claim Handling, Life Insurance Policy Administration,Life Insurance Claim Denials, Standard of Care, Bad Faith, Life Insurance Policy Disputes, Life Insurance Policy Cancellations, Life Policy Lapses, Life Policy Termination & Reinstatement, Life Policy Rescission Expert, Negligence.


ALHC, International Claim Association, Washington, DC; Certified Fraud Specialist,

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I am an Expert in Proper and Improper Life Insurance claim handling and Life Insurance claim examination, investigation, administration and adjudication procedures and what the proper standard of care is for when an insurance company receives A NOTIFICATION OF DEATH OF AN INSURED, NOTICE OF CLAIM, & PROOF OF LOSS onto what specifically and exactly the insurance companies responsibilities are and what Industry Standard and Regulatory actions they must take and must not take throughout their entire handling of the claim for life insurance benefits. * I have actually handled and processed thousands of claims for life insurance and accidental death benefits as an actual former Corporate and Claim department insider who worked as a LIFE EXAMINER, whose job was to adjudicate, investigate and process claims for life insurance benefits. I know exactly how the claim department and legal department operates in administering and adjudicating claims for life insurance and accidental death benefits. Also, I have knowledge of how the sales and marketing, policyholder service, underwriting, and premium billing and collection departments work in connection and conjunction with the selling and claim administration of life insurance claims and policies. *I am an Expert in the much misunderstood and misadministered Incontestability Provision of a Life Insurance Policy and how the 2 year Contestability period in a Life Insurance Contract and Policy actually should be administered by Life Insurance Companies. In addition, My expertise reaches far into the do's and don'ts of a Life Insurance Company launching a Contestable Claim and Policy Investigation and once launched, what actions an insurance company can do and cannot do once they decide to conduct a contestable investigation when an insured dies within the first 2 years of the life policy being in effect.