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Human Factors and Ergonomics

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Personal Injury, Product Liability, Safety analysis, Trip/slip and fall, Geriatric factors, Warnings & Labels, User interface/compatibility, Guarding/guard-railing, Product design analysis, Design Analysis, Task analysis, Human error analysis, Procedures and instructions compatibility


BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois; MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut; Graduate studies, Organizational Development, University of New Haven

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So what is Human Factors? Let us think about how people get hurt. Typically, people hurt themselves when they: • Misuse a product, • A product is poorly designed for the population it is intended to be marketed to, • People purposefully or unconsciously do not heed instructions warnings or directions, • Manufacturers take short cuts and in either design or manufacture of their products, or • People do not do what they are supposed to do in the context of making sure places where people work, travel and live are safe. I bet most of you are thinking – so what is the new news here? The news is that when people get hurt there are underlying reasons. Reasons that if corrected will prevent future injuries. A poorly designed or maintained stairway will most probably cause an injury, and if an elderly person, the chances are quite high that a serious injury will occur. We can demonstrate how the dynamics associated with ascending or descending a poorly configured stairway can cause serious falls. We can, and have proven that a poorly designed and manufactured table-saw guard resulted in a person loosing their fingers. When we talk about human factors and safety, we focus on human performance and behaviors. The discipline of human factors is a marriage of the principles utilized in engineering and. psychology that acknowledge the premise that ‘'things’ do not exist in a vacuum they are invented by, used by, and oft times surrounded by people. With that in mind, there rules, laws, standards that govern a human’s safe interaction in the world. This is what a Human Factors expert can bring to your team.