Matthew B Morgan, MD, MS (Informatics) Expert Witness

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  • Company: University of Utah School of Medicine/Huntsman Cancer Hospital
  • Phone: 801-581-7553
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Specialties & Experience

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Specialty Focus:

Breast imaging, mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, breast screening, breast cancer, mammogram, breast


B.S. , Brigham Young University; M.S. , University of Utah; M.D., University of Utah

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Additional Information

Highly credentialed, board-certified radiologist with over 12 years of medical practice experience specializing in breast imaging and the use of different types of exams such as mammograms (including tomosynthesis), ultrasounds, MRI, and PET/CT scans to detect disease and breast cancer. Skilled in ultrasound, stereotactic, and MRI-guided breast biopsy. My patients include women having an annual screening mammogram and those who are in various stages of care for breast cancer. I see women who have a family history of breast cancer and are at higher risk, those who already have breast cancer to prepare for or monitor treatment, and those who have benign breast conditions. I've evaluated tens of thousands of diagnostic exams, diagnosed hundreds of breast cancers, and participated in hundreds of breast cancer treatment planning conferences. I'm available for immediate medicolegal consultation, where you can expect high-quality work and efficient turnaround.