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General Specialties:

Firearms & Ballistics and Safety

Specialty Focus:

Self Defense, Defensive Tactics, Law Enforcement Training, Edged Weapons, Concealed Carry, License To Carry, Martial Arts, Firearms Training, Personal Safety, Active Shooter Response, Workplace Safety, Law Enforcement

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Additional Information

Certified NRA Pistol Instructor Certified NRA Rifle Instructor Certified NRA Range Safety Officer Certified Force On Force Training Instructor (marking cartridge) Certified Simunitions Firearms Instructor (marking cartridge) Certified Texas License To Carry Instructor Formerly Illinois Conceal Carry Instructor (expired) Contracted Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, Edged Weapons and Firearms Instructor Range and Training Program Facility Consultant Nationwide Seminars and Workshops including firearms, self defense, women's self defense, edged weapons, martial arts, subject control tactics Featured in several international publications and magazines Featured in local media and news Former owner of multiple successful training facilities in Chicago suburbs Contracted Corporate Safety instructor including workplace safety protocol review and development Research and re-enactment capable (using training firearms and marking cartridge) Review of training policy and procedure High quality video production capable Specializing in unarmed self defense, firearms, and knife based tactics Direct communication with industry expert colleagues as secondary resource Expedited or Emergency Response capable Travel as needed Practical Information and Fact Pattern based analysis, research, testing and reporting.