Joseph Dagher, Ph.D. Expert Witness
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Optics and Medical Devices

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Imaging, Optics, Medical Imaging, Signal Image & Video Processing, Computer Vision, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, Image Quality, Data Compression, Cameras, Patents, Intellectual Property, Patent Disputes, Image Reconstruction Algorithms, Image Analysis Algorithms, Image forensics


Ph.D. Optical Sciences & Electrical Engineering, The University of Arizona; MS Electrical Engineering, The University of Arizona

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— More than 20 years of R&D expertise in Image Science: Optical Systems, Sensors and Light Detection Systems, Image and Video Processing Systems and, Data Analysis Algorithms. Accelerated acquisition & compressive sensing methods. Computational Imaging. Joint optimization of acquisition and processing parameters. Inverse problems, Image Reconstruction and Parameter Estimation. — Broad experience with Medical Imaging Systems (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, PET, CT, X-rays), Consumer Cameras (cell phone ISPs, multi-aperture cameras, digital cameras), Scientific Imaging Devices (microscopes, Hyperspectral Cameras, Laser Radar, Acoustic Sensors, Neuromorphic Cameras, and so on), Warfare Technology (LIDAR, RADAR, Interferometric Telescopes) — Specific expertise with Signal and Image Processing Algorithms such as, Image and Video Compression, Computer Vision, Image Enhancement, Image forensics, Image Analysis, Machine Vision, Image Reconstruction, Image Quality, Inverse Problems, etc. — Research expertise in all three major sectors: academic (as an award winning Assistant Professor at University of Arizona), industrial (as a Senior Scientist at Omnivision, an Apple subsidiary) and federal government (as a project leader for a Federally Funded Research Development Center). — Holder of a DoD Secret Clearance — Recipient of the prestigious Career Award by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering — Independent Investigator, funded by the NIH, in the field of Imaging Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI, or concussion) — More than 10 patents (as inventor), broad patent experience, 10 years support role for patent lawyers, experience in patent litigation support — More than 11 journal papers (as first & senior author), and 20+ conference presentations and proceedings. Winner of Best Paper Awards, best presentations, Best Instructor.