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General Specialties:

Communications and Defamation

Specialty Focus:

Reputation, Reputation Management, Crisis Communications, Crisis Management, Sports, Entertainment, Higher Education, CEO Reputation, Founder Reputation, Public Relations, Media Relations, Reputation Trauma


B.A. - Communications - Public Relations, Mesa State College

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Accurate analysis and professional opinion for professionals and organizations in any field in matters involving reputation. Whether related to building, protecting, restoring or reconstructing it. Professional opinion (non-testifying) and expert opinion (testifying) offered for attorneys and firms for cases involving defamation, false light, severity of organizational or public damage and what must occur to effectively address and overcome it. If you have a question about how I can help and serve, you are certainly welcome to ask. Reputation Quality Reputation Damage Protecting and Restoring Reputation Quality Reconstructing Reputation Quality Effective Apology and Reputation False Allegations and Reputation-and-Emotional Damage False Allegations and Effectively Responding Ethics and Reputation Effectiveness of Crisis Communications and Crisis Management More Ethical, Skilled Crisis Communications and Crisis Management I am the specialist at Reputation Quality, a consultancy, advisory, coaching and communications services practice that helps successful individuals and organizations better examine and analyze opportunities, challenges and risks, to further build, protect, restore and reconstruct reputation quality. I regularly write at "Reputation Specialist" and have contributed published articles for Public Relations Today, SmartBrief, New York Law Journal, Entrepreneur, Corporate Board Member, Chief Executive, Corporate Compliance Insights, Communication Intelligence, Training Industry and Physicians Practice. Quoted in Forbes (3x) and the Washington Examiner. Ebooks on Amazon: "Your Reputation Signature: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Protect, Restore and Reconstruct It" and "On Apology, What We Can Learn and Do Better