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Environmental and Investigation

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Geotechnical, geosynthetics, geomembrane, liner, FML, leak, reservoir, wastewater, dike, landfills, CCR, impoundment, phosphogypsum, failure, leach pad, pond, Coal Ash, Waste, containment system, geonet, geocomposite, compacted clay liner, environmental containment, environmental engineering


Bachelor of Science, Michigan Technological University

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Additional Information

Glen is the leading industry experts on containment system construction and geosynthetics. He is a 1990 graduate of Michigan Technological University and has been performing construction quality assurance (CQA) on earthwork and geosynthetics projects since October 1990. In 2003, Glen started his own CQA consulting firm, providing technical resources and consulting services to clients throughout the world. His vast industry experience totals over 100 million square feet of geomembrane CQA. Glen’s attention to detail has helped him become one of the top CQA professionals in the industry. His questioning mindset help him to identify things others often miss or accept. This mindset was essential as Glen led the CQA efforts on the installation of over 493-acres of a double-lined containment system at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVGNS) completed with, and verified 7 years later with zero-leaks. The PVNGS highlights his attention to detail and ability to translate those observations into their potential impacts on long-term quality – without these key observations, it is unlikely the project would have been completed with zero-leaks let alone 7 years after installation. After his work at PVNGS, Glen realized the importance of sharing his processes and findings with industry colleagues and began speaking engagements at industry conferences throughout the world. He continues to speak at one or more industry conferences per year, authored the book, The Complete Field Guide To Ensuring Quality Geosynthetics Installations, Volume 1: Fundamentals and Geomembranes, authors the blog and designed SuperTek, the industry’s first real-time data validation QA/QC software system. He also provides project training, project auditing and project management services to the industry in addition to CQA service. Each of these services allows Glen to use his “lessons learned” from vast project experiences to increase the quality within the industry.