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Pediatrics, Outpatient Pediatrics, Hospital Medicine, Hospitalist, Newborn care, Neonatology, Respiratory distress, lead poisoning



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Timi (Oluwarotimi) Adepoju MD, MPH, MS is a Board certified in Pediatrics and Board Certified in Pediatric Hospital Medicine. Dr Adepoju has extensive experience different areas including general pediatrics, pediatric hospital medicine (both in academic and community hospital settings) and NICU levels I & II. Based on these experiences, he can provide professional unbiased evaluations on timely and quality administration of health care services, identify loopholes for better care provision, medication errors, inadequate assessments, failure to properly diagnose or provide adequate care and so on. Dr Adepoju will opine on objectively and professionally on medical issues based on what is true and what is ethically and scientifically correct regardless of parties involved and retaining counsel. Dr Adepoju is available for Medical Expert Reviews, Medical Consulting, Independent Medical Examinations