Brenda Johnson, EdD Expert Witness

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  • Company: Brain Injury Neurodevelopmental Consulting, LLC
  • Phone: (724) 944-7744
  • Cell: (724) 944-7744
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Education & Schools and Brain Injury Medicine

Specialty Focus: Pediatric brain injury, personal injury, acquired brain injury, TBI, concussion, traumatic brain injury, mild-severe, MVA, carbon monoxide, lead, poisoning, near drowning, development, brain, school, education, transition post-secondary, child, teen, young adult, K-12, college, academic, 504 Plan

Education: Doctorate in Education, specializing in educational neuroscience, Mind, Brain, & Teaching, Johns Hopkins University; Master's Degree in Education & Human Development: Transition Special Education & Brain Injury, George Washington University; Bachelor's degree in Education, Wittenberg University

Years in Practice: 20+

Additional Information

Dr. Brenda Johnson is highly specialized in a niche area of education & transition following pediatric child, teen, & young adult brain injury. She received her Doctorate from Johns Hopkins University specializing in Mind, Brain, & Teaching (educational neuroscience). Dr. Johnson investigates brain injuries from a functional neurodevelopmental & clinical perspective, looking at cognitive, behavior, socio-emotional, & learning skills by examining a student’s home, school, & community activities of daily living following all severities of pediatric brain injury. School-based pre- & post-brain injury investigation is a nuanced area that requires expert interpretation. Dr. Johnson identifies if and to what extent a brain injury has impacted learning and behavior. Brain injury can affect skills that have not yet matured, depending on areas of the brain that were damaged and at what point in development. New cognitive or behavior deficits can emerge as the child's brain develops over time. Dr. Johnson also determines supports & services required for optimal outcome. She is skilled in the field of special education, brain injury school & community supports, services, & proper identification of brain injury in students at school who have been misidentified. Adjunct Instructor: George Washington University's Graduate School of Education & Human Development teaching a course on brain injury, Board of Governors: Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists under the Brain Injury Association of America, Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer, Teaching certifications: Elementary Education; Special Education; Reading Specialist, Founding member of the National Collaborative on Children’s Brain Injury, Publishes on pediatric brain injury in peer-review journals, Presents at state, national & international levels, Multiple state & national awards for work in pediatric brain injury, Co-led:1st National Concussion Return to Learn Consensus