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Mold and Mold

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Mold Sickness, Mold Illness, Mold Expert, Mold Litigation, Mold Exposure, Mold Testing, Environmental Expert, Environmental Testing, Medical Testing for Mold sickness, Medical Testing for Mold Exposure, Mycotoxin Test, Mycotoxins Tests, Mycotoxins Testing, Medical Testing for Mold Illness


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We are EPA, CDC, AIHA, and FEMA certified. We link the pathogens "mold& Bacteria, Endotoxins, and Mycotoxins" in your home, school, or workplace (Mold contaminated environment) to the direct causation of disease, all the way down to DNA damage and cancer. If you are sick from an indoor water damaged environment the "Mold Law Group" will get you the best settlement you can imagine. We are the nations leading experts for environmental disease caused by indoor water damaged environments.