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General Specialties: Forensic Psychology and Psychology

Specialty Focus: Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, competence to stand trial, mitigation evaluations, Malingering, managing suicide risk, managing violence risk, Independent Mental Examinations, Credibility, domestic violence, sexual harassment, PTSD, therapist malpractice.

Education: Psy.D., Florida Institute of Technology; M.S., Florida Institute of Technology; B.A., Auburn University

Years in Practice: 33

Additional Information

I have been a licensed clinical./forensic psychologist for over thirty years and a licensed private investigator for the past twenty. I have worked extensively in a correctional setting, evaluating suicide and violence risk as well as the interplay between mental illness and violence. I have worked with the San Diego Superior Court to evaluate competency to stand trial, assess criminal responsibility, and/or mitigating circumstances. In addition to my forensic expertise with sex offenders, I have conducted over 200 independent harassment/discriminatlon evaluations. I have received special training in psychological autopsies, investigative psychology, and violence risk assessment.