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  • Company: Don Coker Banking, Management & Economic Expert Witness Consultant
  • Phone: (770) 852-2286
  • Cell: (251) 716-3200
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Banking and Financial

Specialty Focus: Lending, Mortgage Banking, Real Estate, Embezzlement, FACTA and credit cards, Trusts, Estates, Identity Theft, Damages, Corporate Governance, Wire Transfers, Securities.

Education: B.A. & Postgraduate Work, University of Alabama; Postgraduate Work, University of Houston; Executive Education Work, Southern Methodist University; Executive Education Work, Harvard Business School

Years in Practice: 31

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 28

Additional Information

700 cases for Plaintiff and Defense lawyers nationwide. Recommended by the members of both AAJ and DRI. 176 testimonies. Former governmental banking regulator, and called on now by banking regulators as their expert consultant, over 100 banks, 65 insurance companies, 76 of the country's top 400 law firms and hundreds of other law firms, 90 trusts and estates, IRS 7 times for matters valued over $21 billion, governmental clients such as Federal Reserve, FDIC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Bank, Resolution Trust Corp., CDC, Agency for International Development, US Air Force, Dept. of Education, federal public defenders. Board of Directors experience. Experienced corporate and commercial real estate and construction lender (including draw process) and mortgage banker. Business embezzlement and UCC 4-406 issues. Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). Securities and Custody, bonds, fiduciary duty, Car dealerships floorplan. Cases in 49 states. COVID-19 damages, business interruption, payable on death accounts. Significant non-litigation work in asset and IP valuations, business and professional practice valuation, anti-money laundering, market and feasibility studies, advice to hedge funds and investment managers. Developed and sold a Patent Application for an Internet-based check fraud prevention system. Clients in 39 countries for work in 67 countries. Clients include 10 of the country's 10 largest banks, 20 of the country's top 100 companies, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Int'l Accounting Standards Board, and four members of the Forbes 400 List. Published: 1 book and over 100 articles. Interviewed or quoted by over 50 publications. Former Sunday school teacher and school board trustee. Services include case analysis and strategy, areas of exposure, mitigating damages, suggested questions for depositions, report / affidavit / declaration writing, jury selection advice, and related services. Listed in numerous Who's Who publicat