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  • Company: Crowninshield Financial Research
  • Phone: (781) 237-4800
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Financial and Securities & Investments

Specialty Focus: Derivatives, Swaps, Options/Futures, Damages, Hedge Funds, Insider Trading, Short Selling, Business Valuation, Securities Litigation, Lost Profit, Economic/Statistical Analysis

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computational & Mathematical Finance and Accounting, Babson College; Master of Science in Finance, Babson College

Years in Practice: 3

Additional Information

C. Jack Long is a financial analyst at Crowninshield Financial Research. He has significant experience in applying economic, financial, and econometric analyses such as those arising in securities, derivatives, and complex business litigation. He has worked on over 50 securities cases involving equities, fixed income securities, and derivatives. His work has covered a broad array of industries including defense, biotechnology, consumer products, utilities, financial services, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Mr. Long’s work in securities cases includes assessing market efficiency, evaluating loss causation, and estimating damages on per share and class-wide bases. Mr. Long has been the project lead in many of Crowninshield’s engagements, supporting Crowninshield experts and academic affiliates. Prior to joining Crowninshield, he co-founded Volos Portfolio Solutions, a financial technology company. As the head of operations and finance at Volos, he was responsible for the Company’s product development, finances, and strategy. At Volos, he developed derivative pricing algorithms for over 150 complex equity option securities, utilizing a variety of state-of-the-art financial valuation techniques. Mr. Long also built optimization frameworks to evaluate trades, strategies, and portfolios, utilizing genetic algorithms, artificial intelligence algorithms, and other technologies.