William A. Lybarger, Ph.D. Expert Witness
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  • Phone: 316-260-0439

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General Specialties:

Developmental Disabilities

Specialty Focus:

Mental Retardation, Nursing Homes, Long Term Care, Group Homes, Intellectual Disabilities


B.S.E, Arkansas State University; M.S.E., Arkansas State University; Ph.D., St. Louis University

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Additional Information

Dr. Lybarger provides Standard of Care opinions related to quality of care and treatment provided by health, education and human service agencies. He has extensive training and experience in health and human service management, special education, wrongful employment, security practices, gender/age/disability mix administration, quality assurance, performance management and regulatory compliance. His casework includes personal injury, wrongful death, no-lock facility management, deficient practices in nursing care centers, assisted living centers, therapeutic foster care, community and residential mental retardation programs, private psychiatric facilities, juvenile treatment, special education and human resource management. He has Chaired over 200 Standard of Care staffing’s related to personal Injury and wrongful death. Dr. Lybarger has provided deposition testimony 35 times, trial testimony seven times and has been retained in 125 cases. [1] Retained as an expert witness in 135 personal injury and/or wrongful death (MRDD) cases. [2] Provided deposition testimony in 35 personal injury and/or wrongful death (MRDD) cases. [3] Provided trial testimony in 8 (MRDD) cases.