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  • Company: J&M Wang Medical Inc.
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Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Correctional Healthcare and Internal Medicine

Specialty Focus:

Ambulatory care, outpatient care, urgent care, hospital medicine, inpatient care


M.D., Taipei Medical University

Years in Practice:


Additional Information

I've had 12 years experience in private practice and 14 years in correctional medicine. The latter also included 4 year tenure as a Chief Medical Executive in a maximum security State Prison with multiple medical missions. In addition to time-limited Board certified in Internal Medicine, I am also NCCHC-P certified. I have been subpoenaed as material witness several times to testify in depositions, and testified in both Superior and Federal Courts. I am familiar with both Community and Correctional Health Care Standards. I am also savvy about prison politics. With experiences in administration, I am familiar with gimmicks from the tops of correctional health care organizations denying medically necessary care in the name of cost-saving. With 10 years of front-line experiences of direct inmate-patient care, I have gained reputation from the inmates and other staff to the effects that I am a good doctor because I care. I am good in singling out negligence and lapse of patient care because of being thorough, detailed and critical thinking in reviewing medical records. I am also good at explaining medical terminology and pertinent information, both verbally and in writing, with layman's term making it easy to attorneys, jury and judges to understand. The reason I would like to get into the business of Medical Expert Witness for prison health care is my strong belief in law and order, and in providing constitutional level of care to prisoners. C.V. is available upon request.