Wade C. Roberts, Ph.D. Expert Witness
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Economics and Business Damages

Specialty Focus:

Forensic Economics, Personal Injury, Business Interruption, Wrongful Death, Economic Damages, Labor Markets, Loss of Household Services, Economic Analysis, Present Value, Earning Capacity, Lost Profits, Statistical Analysis, Economic Research, Discrimination, Litigation Support, Federal Court


PhD, University of Utah

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Additional Information

Dr. Roberts specializes in expert witness testimony for litigation, arbitration, and mediation cases involving a wide range of economic loss scenarios. Dr. Roberts has extensive experience as a Financial Analyst, Professor of Economics, Labor Economist, and Statistician. Dr. Roberts has worked on assignments involving personal injuries, business interruptions, wrongful deaths, wrongful terminations, market analyses, discrimination disputes, and economic damages. His engagements regularly include calculations of damage awards stemming from a loss of earnings (past and future), reduced earning capacities, diminished employee benefits, and the loss of household services. As a Professor of Economics, Dr. Roberts has experience teaching at the University of Utah, Weber State University, Westminster College, and Western Governor’s University. He has taught over twenty courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level, including Labor Economics, Statistics, Development Economics, Global Economics, Research Methodologies, International Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money & Banking, Public Economics, and Health Economics. He is also an active member of the National Association of Forensic Economics. With over ten years of experience as a Doctor of Economics and a Forensic Economist, Dr. Roberts is the founder of Roberts Forensics and is experienced offering testimony in both State and Federal courts. He assists with depositions, examining opposing experts at trial, and settlement negotiation preparation. He has a history of fair and balanced representation between plaintiff and defense work. Dr. Roberts regularly takes assignments that require advanced economic research, statistical analysis, and value adjustments. He has been praised for his ability to convey complex analysis findings and advanced subject matter in a clear, concise, and easy to understand manner.