Amandeep K Dhillon, MD Expert Witness

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  • Company: Neurology stroke specialist
  • Phone: (315) 790-9272
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Neurology

Specialty Focus: NeuroCritical trained with expertise in the following cases. Stroke, TPA cases, Traumatic brain Injury, Brain Death, Coma, Vegetative State, Brain hemorrhages, Spinal Cord injuries, Status Epileptics, Hypoxic brain injury Neuro Radiology and Electrophysiology diagnostic test/study

Education: MD, Mayo Clinic

Years in Practice: 6

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 2

Additional Information

Mayo Clinic Graduate, Board certified, fellowship trained in Neurocritical care, Vascular Stroke Neurology. Training included interpretation of Neurol-Radiology scan (CT, MRI, CTA, Nuclear medicine Scan, CTP, Brain Doppler Studies ), Electrophysiology test ( EEG, EMG, Vestibular testing, Evoked potential testing,). Brain Death Examination and Determination, I have been in practice for 6 yrs - Professional history - Stroke Director for Spring Valley hospital, las Vegas Nevada - which was Awarded the Stroke Gold Plus Elite award x2 (2016, 2018) The highest award for a Accredited stroke hospital. Assistant Neurology Professor for Medical University of Nevada Resident program. Author and lead physician to help pass a Bill 424 passed in May 2017. In the State of Nevada, which would be first of its kind in the Our Nation, This Bill entails criteria and tests with which by law a individual can be declared brain dead. Awarded and Ranked 28th neurologist in the World by the award in 2016 By Leading Physicians of the World Collaboration. I have been primary author on multiple Published papers and hold copyrights to my book titled " Surviving NeuroCritical Care" Active IMCL ( Interstate medical Compact License). IMLC provides eligibility to acquire licenses and practice neurology in 22 states of USA. During my only very short time in practice, I have also had a opportunity to be a lead physician in 3 Depositions and One trial which was settled out of court. I found the experience to be very exciting and educational thus sparking my interest in this field.