Heather M Hunt, MA, ENP Expert Witness
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General Specialties: Law Enf & Criminal Justice and Management

Specialty Focus: 9-1-1,PSAP, Dispatch,911operations,emergency communications,9-1-1 operations

Education: MA, College of St. Scholastica

Years in Practice: 1

Additional Information

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS *30+ years 9-1-1 hands-on experience in small, medium and large call centers *Director of Emergency Communications/9-1-1 (retired) major metropolitan city *Master of Arts in Management/Organization Development *Certified Emergency Number Professional (ENP) *Member, National Emergency Number Association *Member, Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, Int'l (APCO) *Certified Emergency Manager (Minnesota DHS) *Project Manager Certification 9-1-1 EXPERT WITNESS/CASE CONSULT 9-1-1 operations, technology, and standards are often overlooked or misinterpreted when evaluating tort claims or other actions. 9-1-1 is a niche industry that varies widely in operations nationwide. Each 9-1-1 center is unique, and with over 6,000 centers in the USA, this presents challenges in analyzing exactly what happened. We offer our clients the benefit of expertise in 9-1-1 operations, technology, standards, investigations, and our ability to perform a reality check based on actual experience in the industry. PUBLIC SAFETY ANSWERING POINT (PSAP) MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PSAPs face unique challenges in providing public safety services. Over recent years, an increased focus on 9-1-1 operations has led to public expectations of extremely high service standards. 9-1-1 technology has exploded into a complex, competitive industry that can be difficult to navigate, but must be considered as an integral part of any modern 9-1-1 operation. The importance of professional, validated policies and procedures, training, and quality assurance programs cannot be understated. We can help agencies evaluate technology needs and develop standard operating procedures and training programs based on national standards and best practices that cost little but provide enhanced public service with decreased liability.