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Securities & Investments and Financial

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municipal bonds, municipal bond credit analysis, public finance, municipal bond disclosure, state government, local government, general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, rating agencies, bond rating agencies


Master of Public Administration, Syracuse University; Bachelor of Arts (History), State University of New York, Oswego

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I understand municipal bonds and can tell you and your client what you need to know about them in a clear and thorough way. My expertise results from 41 years as a municipal bond analyst, a role that requires knowledge of municipal law and accounting, demographics, and project feasibility. During my career I have held positions at a rating agency, hedge fund, broker-dealers, commercial banks, and municipal bond insurers. I have studied probably every type of bond that's issued in the municipal market. For fourteen years I served in leadership positions in the National Federation of Municipal Analysts (NFMA) and the Municipal Analysts Group of New York (MAGNY), eventually serving as chairman of each. At NFMA I was also co-chair of both the Disclosure and Industry Practices Committees and served on a task force formed by the National Association of Bond Lawyers that addressed disclosure of pension information. In late 2015 I was retained as an expert witness in a case involving municipal bonds and was deposed in that case in June 2018.