Michael Stogsdill, ACTAR Expert Witness

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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Accident Reconstruction

Specialty Focus: Automobile Accidents, Pedestrian/Bicycle Accidents, Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents, Event Data Recorders (EDR), Motorcycle Accidents, Bus Accidents, Infotainment Systems, Scene Mapping, Training, Vehicle Data Acquisition and Analysis, Heavy Truck EDR (HVEDR)

Education: Bachelors Degree, University of Northern Colorado

Years in Practice: 20

Additional Information

Michael Stogsdill is a retired police officer with over 20 years of experience investigating accidents involving motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks, trucks and trailers, tractor-trailers, pedestrians, motorcycles, and buses. Mr. Stogsdill is a certified instructor in the use of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System which is used to collect collision data from event data recorders (EDR) in motor vehicles. He is a certified vehicle system forensic technician and a certified vehicle system forensic examiner with the Beral iVe system which is used to collect data from the infotainment system in many different vehicles. Mr. Stogsdill is able to retrieve data from heavy truck event data recorders (HVEDR) located in commercial trucks and commercial vehicles. Mr. Stogsdill is an expert in court on event data recorders, accident investigation, commercial motor vehicles, scene mapping, and diagramming. Mr. Stogsdill has provided training in the area of accident investigations to police, attorneys, engineers, and private practice. Mr. Stogsdill is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction.