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General Specialties: Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity

Specialty Focus: Blockchain, Blockchain Forensics, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Digital Forensics, Device Forensics, Ponzi Scheme, ICO, cybercrime, SIM Swapping, audit, proof of reserves

Education: CORe, Harvard Business School

Years in Practice: 2

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 5

Additional Information

CipherBlade is a team of experienced and credentialed experts and investigators for all matters involving cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain technology. We are available to testify, audit, track, investigate and advise on any technical aspects involving cryptocurrency. We conduct full-scale investigations, conduct forensic analysis or accounting for cryptocurrency assets and act as expert witnesses when requested. We're frequently requested for support with investigating and generating reports on: - Suspect ICOs, in which we discover mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, securities violations, and other items that may result in compulsory refund of investor assets - Investment fraud cases, such as OTC deals gone south, ponzi/MLM schemes, or the variety of exit-scam, impersonation scam, or other types of fraud resulting in cryptocurrency asset loss - SIM-swapping and all other cryptocurrency cybercrime/theft cases - Audits of exchanges, bank accounts, & investment funds, hidden/non-disclosed crypto assets, and funds recovery in cases involving cryptocurrency fraud, theft or extortion We have experience working full case life cycles, whether directly with victims from the time of incident generating police reports to funds recovery, or with attorneys for massive impact in a favorable case outcome for their clients. Our CSO and Co-Founder, Richard Sanders, is seen as the “go-to” by numerous law enforcement and regulatory agencies internationally. Our firm has a proven track record of success to back our reputation. We leverage experience that nobody else has with tools that few have access to, and provide work of unparalleled quality. *please contact us by email us or fill out the form on our website, no phone calls please*