Dan Begel, M.D. Expert Witness

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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Psychiatry and Sports Medicine

Specialty Focus: Forensic Psychiatry, Emotional Distress, Mental Injury, Testamentary Capacity, Medical Malpractice, Mental State at Time of Offense, Sentence Mitigation, Sports-Related Litigation, IME.

Education: B.A., Yale University; M.D., Yale University

Years in Practice: 44

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 10

Additional Information

Dr. Begel received his undergraduate, medical, and psychiatric degrees from Yale University. He is a highly trained, Board Certified and experienced clinician. His reports and testimony are lucid, backed by expert knowledge, jargon-free, and focused on pertinent elements of the law. Dr. Begel is able to pinpoint the subtle but specific details that both bring his examinees to life and shed light on the forensic question at hand. He explains the basis for his diagnosis and conclusions in language easily understood by the layperson, maintains thorough communication with the attorneys who retain him, and, in his testimony and reports, stays within his area of expertise. Dr. Begel has unique credentials in the area of Sports Psychiatry. He wrote the seminal paper in this field, co-founded the International Society for Sports Psychiatry, and edited and co-wrote, with colleagues, the first textbook of sports psychiatry. The testimony of Dr. Begel adds authority to any civil or criminal proceeding involving athletes.