Bradley T. DeWall, MD, FACS, UHM, WCC Expert Witness

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  • Phone: (563) 508-6330
  • Fax: (866) 847-1988
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: General Surgery and Wound Care

Specialty Focus: Long Term Care Facility Wounds, Post Surgical Wounds, Non Healing Wounds, Pressure Injury Wounds, Amputations, Arterial Insufficiency Wounds, Work Related Post Traumatic Wounds, Diabetic Foot Wounds, Septic Wounds, HBO Complications.

Education: MD, University of Illinois Medical School Rockford Illinois

Years in Practice: 40

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 5

Additional Information

I am Boarded in General Surgery (FACS), Hyperbaric Medicine (UHMS), and Certified WCC. I practiced as a full time General Surgeon for 20 years before transitioning to a Wound and Hyperbaric Specialty. I have dealt with difficult Wound Care patients my entire career as a General Surgeon and became full time Wound and HBO specialist 20 years ago. I managed and was Medical Director of a Hospital based Wound and HBO Clinic for past 9 years where we saw in the range of 1100-1500 patient visits /month. I also took our Wound Care Services directly to Nursing Homes to care for LTC, Skilled Care and Hospice patients allowing me to work directly with Nursing Home Staff and see first hand the complexities that both the Staff and Patient Residents face to get appropriate medical care for chronic wounds. As a Medical Director as well as President of the Management Company, I was responsible for training and overseeing the care that 6-7 Physicians who worked for me were providing our patients. I also worked full time in direct patient care of very complex diabetic wounds, chronic venous stasis wounds, pressure injury wounds of all stages, severe post traumatic wounds, arterial wound and post surgical wounds that required a specialists care.