Leslie M. Desmond Expert Witness

Contact Information

  • Company: International School of Horsemanship, LLC
  • Phone: 602 228 7612
  • Cell: 602 228 7612
  • Website: www.lesliedesmond.com
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Horses

Specialty Focus: Multi-Discipline Horse & Rider Training, All Breeds, Author & Vid Producer, Long Haul Horse Transport, Health & Nutrition, Hoof Pathology & Rehab, Biomechanics & Body Work, Pre-Purchase Eval., Stallion-Mare-Foal Care & Herd Mgmt., Accident Prevention, T-bred Racing, Horse Abuse, Rescue & Euthanas

Education: BS, Boston University

Years in Practice: 45+

Additional Information

Born in Nuremburg, Germany, to American parents in 1954. Horses have always been an integral part of my recreational and professional life. I worked in various capacities at horse training centers, ranches, summer camps, and riding schools. At the conclusion of my apprenticeship (1994-1999) with master Horseman Bill Dorrance of Salinas, CA, we co-authored a horse training manual. To my astonishment, our book was hailed as a “classic” in the industry at the time of its release. Sales of “True Horsemanship Through Feel” by Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond exceeded 30,000 copies in 27 countries by 2013. Other productions: “American Horsemanship for Young & Old” (3-volume DVD set:1995); “Horse Handling and Riding Through Feel” (10-CD audio book:2006). In January, 2019, I launched an online coaching and continuing education program for all levels of ability. It features private seminars, demonstrations and lectures, with training tips available in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. URL: <https://www.feelofahorse.com> Today, I coach others trainers through the inevitable impasses that they and their students encounter with problem horses, coach English dressage and jumping riders (from foundation to Olympic level), and Western riders for pleasure and competition. Current and past students/apprentices currently hold professional positions in their respective areas of expertise in the USA (California, Iowa, New York, New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia). Similarly, the approach I teach is carried on today in Brazil, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Ireland and the UK by students who have their own schools now. I design, manufacture and sell custom horse training equipment through Desmond Outfitter, LLC. Perfect safety record. Personal health: Excellent. Prior experience as an expert witness. (13 cases). Available to travel.