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  • Company: Gerard Macri & Associates
  • Phone: (845) 742-6967
  • Fax: (845) 561-9291
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Chemistry & Chemicals and Forensic Science

Specialty Focus: forensic chemical investigations, chemical accidents and explosions, chemical risk assessment, forensic science, chemical exposure risks, unknown chemical compound identification, chemical incompatibilities, hazardous chemical fires and reactions, products liability, environmental regulations

Education: PhD, Polytechnic Institute of New York; MS, Polytechnic Institute of New York; BS, St. Francis College

Years in Practice: 16

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 3

Additional Information

Dr. Macri brings 40+ years’ experience and a comprehensive understanding of the physical and/or chemical properties and behavior of various substances to assist in the support and vindication of the client’s claim. Previous cases have involved a variety of areas, including: Laboratory sampling & analytical testing measurements, quality control affecting purity of chemical consumer products, industrial inorganics, sources of chemical contamination, chemical reactions and products, inorganic compounds, metals and precious metals, chemical exposure risks, hazardous waste management, wastewater treatment, analysis and risk assessment of airborne chemicals and vapors. Chemical identification of substances causing slip &fall, identification of malodorous chemicals resulting from mixtures of incompatible chemicals: Sporicidin and bleach, oxidizers and flammables or combustibles, and others, application of NYC Fire & Building codes to Loft Law exemptions. Over 23 chemical forensic investigations and chemical cases in support of both Defendants and Plaintiffs – all successful (some still pending). Detailed descriptions are summarized in expert’s profile and webpage. The strength of expert reports and affidavits were sufficient to prompt pre-trial settlements in clients’ favor – only 3 cases went to trial. Expert’s testimony assisted in court decisions in favor of expert’s clients.