Bill Conway Expert Witness

Contact Information

  • Company: WDSS International
  • Phone: (405) 217-3133
  • Cell: (405) 413-5034
  • Website:
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Meteorology

Specialty Focus: weather, certified consulting meteorologist, weather forensics, weather damage, weather claims, hail, wind,

Education: BS Meteorology, Metro State Denver; MS Meteorology, Univeristy of Oklahoma

Years in Practice: 14

Additional Information

Certified Consulting Meteorologist Bill Conway has performed research, and testimony when necessary, on legal cases in which reconstruction of weather conditions are required. Bill Conway’s experience comprises a diverse set of cases including: - Downed powerlines due to thunderstorm winds causing fire and destroying building of a national restaurant chain. - Fatality vehicle accident involving winter weather. - Fatality vehicle accident involving overturned semitruck due to thunderstorm winds. - Fatality vehicle accident involving the presence of fog. - Downed powerlines due to thunderstorm winds causing damage to irrigation system. - Determination of the presence of hail in building damage (multiple cases). - Fatality accident involving downed trees on scout camp. - Injury accident involving skydiving. - Determination of the presence of lightning in building damage. - Determination of weather conditions involving pesticide drift and crop damage. - Determination of maximum wind velocity at location during hurricane. - Determination of lightning presence resulting in downed powerlines causing a large wildfire and loss of property and livestock. - Determination of rainfall amounts and soil saturation conditions related to losses during construction of windfarm. WDSS also has access to a network of Certified Consulting Meteorologists and University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology/National Weather Center faculty and senior technical staff if needed.