James E. Acker, CFI II Expert Witness
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General Specialties: Fire

Specialty Focus: Fire Cause Investigations, fires caused by accidents, fires caused by arson, fires caused by utilities, Fireworks related accidents, fireworks product failures, explosions, pyrotechnics, pyrotechnic device failures, fireworks displays.

Years in Practice: 30+

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 10+

Additional Information

Mr. Acker spent over 34 years working in the municipal fire service for a large city fire department. For a majority of his fire service career, he worked in and then supervised the fire-arson investigation unit. He has performed thousands of fire investigations ranging from the smallest fire in the mouth of a juvenile during surgery to a 150 million dollar commercial loss where he coordinated the work of nearly 100 different investigators from several agencies. He is experienced in commercial, residential, wildland and fireworks/explosion investigations. Mr. Acker has handled several fire related deaths and homicide cases. He is experienced with product liability matters and matters dealing with fires caused by large utility companies. He is available for both on-scene investigations as well as fire report analysis. Mr. Acker travels as needed. Jim is also a licensed commercial pyrotechnician, having started in this field as a hobby nearly 30 years ago. He has now become one of the leading experts on fireworks related fires, injuries and accidents. He actively instructs fireworks safety and regulation compliance to fire marshals throughout the USA. He is experienced with litigation in regards to fireworks accidents in both the consumer and commercial markets and has dealt with negligence and product failure cases. He has considerable knowledge in the area of commercial fireworks display operations, consumer fireworks use, packaging and labeling issues, and product failure and liability issues. He is currently retained by a large commercial fireworks company that produces close to 1,000 displays a year. Mr. Acker has testified on several occasions in both State and Federal courts and been deposed privately on several matters. He is comfortable in both environments. Jim will generate either verbal reports or high quality detailed written reports at your request.