Diana D. Price, MA Expert Witness
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Travel & Tourism

Specialty Focus:

Travel Agent fiduciary relationship to client, Tour Bus Operator, Tour Guide, Duty of care, Travel agent rights and obligations, Tour Operator duty to inform, Seller of Travel duty to inform, Travel injury, Travel accidents, Traveler safety concerns and warnings, Wrongful death,


Master of Arts, University of Southern California, Los Angeles; Business Administration, California State University, Los Angeles

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Additional Information

Diana Price and Associates is a highly prepared and uniquely qualified forensic travel expert with over 30 years of experience that provides pre-litigation and expert consulting in legal cases involving international and domestic tourism and travel. Principal Focus Includes Three Core Services: 1) Offering specialized knowledge in the obligations travel agents, tour operators and cruise lines owe to their clients, duty to warn, travel accidents, travel-related disputes, travel injury and wrongful death 2) Providing depositions and testimony on professional travel industry duty of care, customs and practices 3) Testifying as an expert witness The agency provides these services for large law firms and individual attorneys who meet select criteria. By partnering with Diana Price & Associates, legal professionals are teaming with an expert who has an indefatigable work ethic; unparalleled preparation; an excellent track records of meeting clients' needs; over 30 years of experience representing travel and tourism clients, including travel agency operations, tour operations, cruise lines, and air travel; extensive case record knowledge increasing your ability to successfully present your case; and a well-honed strategic perspective. Our goal is to position legal professionals for success when failure is not an option. The Diana Price & Associates approach is based on a 4-step methodology: 1) Gather information 2) Evaluate data 3) Customize solutions and 4) Deliver desired outcomes Through These Steps, We're Able To Do The Following: *Employ vast knowledge regarding varied aspects of the travel industry within the context of your case *Apply thorough preparation and a dedication to the processes necessary for success, using evidence-based research, practical experience, and latest travel industry standards. *Exercise the care and commitment needed to exceed expectations. *Provide customized solutions, which lead to the results you need. Our Value To You *A trustworthy case partner Because of Diana’s 30+ year travel background, including depositions and testimony on behalf of law firms, her assistance and thorough written reports have been invaluable in helping attorneys resolve travel related disputes. Past Cases: Ms. Price has testified or consulted on a variety of issues including, but not limited to travel and tourism matters, seller of travel fiduciary relationship and duty of care, travel agent rights and obligations, tour operator rights and responsibilities, duty to inform; duty to disclose; tour guide duty to travelers; cruise line duty to passengers, travel accident, wrongful death, travel injury, airline ticket purchase and jurisdiction, analysis of travel fees, and traveler safety concerns.