AMIR H. MOTAMED, DDS Expert Witness

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General Specialties: Dentist and General Practice

Specialty Focus: EXPERT WITNESS - General Practice, Dental Reconstruction, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Makeovers, Periodontics, Endodontics, Dental Implants.

Education: D.D.S., U.S.C. School of Dentistry

Years in Practice: >27

Additional Information

Dr. Amir H. Motamed was accepted to dental school at the age of 18 and earned his doctorate in dental surgery from University of Southern California School of Dentistry at age 22. At dental school, he was recognized for his high achievements and was awarded placement on the Dean’s List. Subsequently, Dr. Motamed taught Dentistry at U.S.C. as Clinical Instructor. Dr. Motamed has been involved in multiple dental organizations since attending dental school and has held the positions of Treasurer, Program Chairman, President and Regent, earning multiple awards for leadership. In 2012, Dr. Motamed founded California Dental Expo. The dental expo is dedicated to the continuing education of dental professionals and features numerous scientific seminars and the involvement of many dental companies showcasing the latest technology and dental products. California Dental Expo has attracted dentists from across the United States and over 38 countries. Dr. Motamed has been a passionate supporter of patient rights and has conceptualized the elaborate Golden Hands Award in his endeavor. The Golden Hands Award for Ethics and Truth in Advertising is presented to standout companies that represent and promote the values that the dental profession holds in its highest regard. The award has been recognized by a number of the well-circulated dental publications as the “prestigious top national honor for ethics and truth in advertising”. Dr. Motamed enjoys his private practice in Beverly Hills. In private practice, Dr. Motamed focuses on providing excellent, conservative and solid dental treatment to patients that include a number of dentists, dental instructors, other dental professionals and their families. Dr. Motamed has enjoyed treating patients of various backgrounds form different states and across many continents. Additionally, Dr. Motamed has been featured on popular local, national and international television and media.