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Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Audio and Video

Specialty Focus:

Analog, Digital, Forensic Audio, Forensic Video, Forensic Images, Forensic Photographs, Voice, Recorded Evidence, Forensic Media, Authentication, Enhancement, Forensic Transcription, Technical Research

Years in Practice:


Additional Information

Mr. Broyles represents 18 years experience in providing expert witness and forensic examination services in Recorded Evidence/Media Forensics, combined with 32+ years experience in research, design & development of computer software and electronic products to include forensic lab equipment and forensic audio/video/image software. This combination of experience gives invaluable insights into the forensic processes and application in each unique case or project. Court Qualified. Detail CV available on request. Clients include Law Enforcement, Civil and Criminal Attorneys, Corporate Law Firms, Public Defenders, News Broadcast Agencies, Private Investigators and the Public, Domestic and International. ------ (Keywords: Audio Forensics, Audio Enhancement, Audio Authentication, Video Forensics, Video Enhancement, Video Authentication, Media Forensics, Digital Audio, Digital Video, Image Forensics, Image Enhancement, Image Authentication, Tape Recordings, Restoration, Dictaphone, Lanier, Magnasync, Tascam, Multi-track Recorders, Multi-track Recordings, Time-Lapse, Time Lapse Recordings, Time Lapse Video, Voice Identification, Voice ID, Voice Comparison, Litigation Support, Technical Research)