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General Specialties: Metallurgy and Products Liability

Specialty Focus: Corrosion, Failure Analysis, Products Defect, Galvanized Steel, Materials Selection, Forensic Engineering, Manufacturing Proc, Tubular Products, Equipment and Machinery, Failure Inspection.

Education: Ph.D. Industrial Metallurgy, University of Birmingham, UK

Years in Practice: 45

Additional Information

Dr. Reza Mirshams has Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering and is a Licensed Professional Engineer with 40 years combined industrial and academic experience. Dr. Mirshams is a tenured full professor in engineering technology and has taught courses in the areas of mechanical metallurgy, manufacturing processes of materials, corrosion, galvanized steel, failure analysis of materials, fatigue, creep, engineering product design and development, materials selection in engineering design, and mechanical behavior and fracture mechanisms. His research interests include mechanical metallurgy, fracture analysis, corrosion assessment and mitigation for construction industry and energy industry, heat treatments of steel, mechanical behavior of materials-microstructure relations, fracture mechanics, fatigue and creep of metals, nano and micro scales properties, and the study of advanced materials for structural applications in design of mechanical systems. His industrial experience includes serving as technical director in steel making and production of alloyed steel, sheet metal forming, and galvanizing steel sheets, process engineering design, failure analysis of structural parts in production line and caused by various loading types, fatigue and creep, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), and galvanic corrosion.