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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Forensic Science and Criminalist

Specialty Focus: Forensic Anthropology, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Mass Disasters, Victim Identification, Cremations, Accident Reconstruction, DNA, Criminalistics, Exhumations, Explosives, Fatal Fire Scenes, Fingerprints,

Education: Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh; Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Anthropologists (50)

Years in Practice: 30+

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 6

Additional Information

Dennis C. Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA (50), is a board-certified forensic anthropologist who has conducted over 600 forensic cases for over 70 coroners/medical examiners and police in PA, OH, NY, as well as MO, NV, WV, including recoveries of surface-scattered human remains, buried body features, fatal fire scenes, and mass disaster recoveries, as well as disaster morgue victim identifications and skeletal trauma analyses. He has testified in court 24 times as an expert witness. He has participated as a forensic anthropologist with DMORT in plane crash incidents: USAir Flight 427 (1994), KoreanAir Flight 801 (1997), and EgyptAir Flight 990 (1999), and Hurricane Katrina (2005). In 2001, he served as the primary scientific advisor to Somerset County (PA) Coroner Miller during the recovery and identification of United Flight 93 and directed the recovery of Colgan Air Flight 3407 outside of Buffalo, NY (2009). Dr. Dirkmaat served as the chair of the Search and Recovery Committee of the SWG-DVI group and is currently a member of the Disaster Victim Identification Subcommittee, within OSAC (NIST). Dr. Dirkmaat has published many articles in the field of forensic anthropology and is the editor of A Companion to Forensic Anthropology (2012). He has also presented nearly 100 papers at national meetings (SAA, AAPA and AAFS). He has nearly 3 decades of teaching and leadership experience directing both an undergraduate program in Applied Forensic Sciences and the Masters of Science in Anthropology (Forensic and Biological Anthropology) graduate program at Mercyhurst University, in Erie, PA. The master’s program is widely recognized as one of the top forensic anthropology programs in NA. He also has vast experience organizing training courses and lecturing for local, state and federal agencies throughout the US (26 states), as well as in Mexico, Chile, Cyprus, Canada, and Spain. He has presented over 300 lectures and 80 professional papers at national and international meetings.