Joel Grossman, MD Expert Witness

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  • Phone: 786 773 3266
  • Cell: 305 807 5344
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Medical Billing and Medical Coding

Specialty Focus: Bill Negotiation, Medical bill audit, CPT coding, Medical bills, Hospital bills, Doctor bills, Physician bills, Surgery bills, PIP, Implant cost data, Reasonable charges, Overbilling by provider

Education: MD, University of Tennessee

Years in Practice: 16+

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 50

Additional Information

Joel Grossman, M.D. also provides bill negotiation of hospital and ambulatory surgery center claims on behalf of workers' compensation payers throughout the U.S. Dr. Grossman has lengthy experience and enjoyed unmatched success in performing bill negotiation over 20 years for the largest workers' compensation company in Florida. I provide primarily defense testimony in the way of bill re-coding and re-pricing on behalf of payers of medical claims such as automobile, premises liability and general personal injury insurers. I have testified in numerous cases over the past several years. Medical billing and coding is not as much a science as it is an accounting process. I provide the kind of testimony that helps a jury understand the defense’s position relative to the reasonableness of medical expenses. Typically I am the defense’s only witness who can testify that the medical charges in a claim were or were not reasonable. A longtime and still current member of the American Medical Association CPT Advisory Committee I am as well a Certified Medical Audit Specialist (CMAS) and a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). I also perform bill negotiation on behalf of large workers compensation, group health, and general medical liability insurers. The bill may be negotiated prior to the provision of a medical or surgical service, or, more commonly, after the service has been provided. My fee for this service is reasonable, and is a success fee: no success, no fee. This particular service is currently done in coordination with South Florida Utilization Review, a URAC accredited peer review organization that I formed and recently sold.