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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Technology and Computers

Specialty Focus: Operating Systems, Device Drivers, File Systems, Computer Storage, Distributed Systems, Blockchain, Computer Security, Distributed Consensus, Educational Technology, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Networks, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Education: SB, Mathematics, University of Chicago; MS, Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

Years in Practice: 31

Additional Information

My expertise is in computer systems and computer technologies including consensus protocols as used by databases, distributed file systems, key-value stores, cryptocurrency, etc. Much of my work has been in data storage: databases, file systems, operating systems, device drivers, etc. I have extensive experience teaching complex technical topics, which allows me to explain concepts in approachable terms. I have authored peer-reviewed literature, technical books, and informational articles within my specialized field, and have been awarded 11 patents pertaining to my work. My litigation support experience is in patent litigation, most recently St. Jude v Volcano, in which the IPR process and subsequent appeals established current case law in the field. My work as a patent litigation expert includes working with Clifford Chance and DLA Piper.