steve novak Expert Witness
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  • Company: Bay2Sierra
  • Phone: (530) 577-8431
  • Cell: (408) 250-5271
  • Website:
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Electrical Engineering and Computers

Specialty Focus: ASIC, FPGA, Ethernet, Sensor, Digital design, RFID, USB, PCIe, processor, SOC, smart meter, wireless

Education: MSCS, UCLA; BSEE, UCLA; MBA, Golden Gate University

Years in Practice: 25

Additional Information

25 years of working on ASIC/FPGA system design for various projects from processor design, Ethernet switches, communication IP (PCIe, USB, SATA, I2C, SPI, MIPI, JTAG), various SOC systems, NFC communications, RFID to smaller integrated sensors for various functions such as pressure, image and DNA functionality. I have worked on a wide range of these devices and throughout the entire range of activities from business development, architecture, design and backend implementation. I have over 12 patents ranging from wireless communication, processors, memory interfaces, and high frequency communications. I have also worked on patent portfolio reviews and patent infringement cases as a legal expert on 2 cases: 2015: NVidia Corporation vs. Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm Inc where I examplined HDL code and helped write expert reports 2016: Oracle Vs. Goggle, Inc. where I analyzed API use cases