William (Bill) J. Abernathy, Jr. Expert Witness
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Banking and Financial

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Bank Analysis, Banking Law & Regulation, Banking Industry Standards, Board & Management Responsibilities, Governance, Bank Policy & Procedures, Regulation & Supervision, Contract Disputes, BSA/AML, Fraud, Ponzi Scheme, Credit Policy & Administration


BS, Banking & Finance, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL; Stonier Graduate School of Banking, American Bankers Association, Rutgers - The State University, New Brunswick, NJ; How to Write a Bullet Proof Expert Witness Report , SEAK, San Diego, CA; How to Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition , SEAK, San Diego, CA

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Additional Information

Bill Abernathy is CEO, Expert Witness & Executive Consultant for Abernathy Bank Consulting, LLC (ABC). ABC provides services across a broad spectrum and specializes in assisting Attorneys as an Expert Witness in Litigation. As a Banking Expert Witness, Mr. Abernathy works closely with Retaining Counsel and brings his broad base of Regulatory & Banking Expertise to the case. He has a successful track record as Expert Witness utilizing strong Expert Analysis & Written Reports and effective Depositions. Bill has worked with Plaintiffs & Defendants in Federal & State Court Cases with NO Daubert Issues. Bill has had a long (45 years) and varied career as a federal bank regulator, senior-level banker (Chief Risk Officer), and bank consultant. He served in six different District Senior Management positions with the Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). His OCC roles included serving as Assistant Deputy Comptroller (#2 Executive) for the 9 Southeastern states. He also led supervision of the 15 largest regional banks (assets of $5-70 billion), problem banks, corporate licensing, and compliance in the nine-state district; and the supervision of community banks in Georgia and North & South Carolina. After his career at OCC, he became a full-time senior-level officer (EVP and SVP) at four Metro-Atlanta banks and held the position of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at three of these banks. After his retirement in 2013, Mr. Abernathy reactivated his consulting firm, Abernathy Bank Consulting (ABC). Recent engagements have included cases involving BSA/AML, fraud, Ponzi schemes, Board Responsibility, Credit Policy & Administration, Constructive Dismissal, etc. Bill is a graduate of The University of Alabama with a B.S. in Banking and Finance, and The Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Rutgers – The State University, New Brunswick, NJ. He has also participated in five specialized training secessions to hone his skills as an Expert Witness.