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Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering

Specialty Focus:

Wireless, Wi-Fi, WiFi, WLAN, Wireless LAN, 802.11, MIMO, OFDM, wireless networks, LTE, 3G, 4G, RFID, HF, UHF, passive tag, active tag, beamforming, antennas, 3GPP, Cellular, Telecommunications, communications systems, single carrier, spread spectrum, SC-FDMA


BSEE, Cornell University; MEEE, Cornell University

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Expert on over 35 patent and IP cases since 2011, infringement reports, code review, evidence of use documentation, invalidity reports, rebuttals, claim construction, IPRs (petitioner,owner and amendments), technical analysis for damages, and licensing disputes. Can work alone or with other experts. Working consultant with broad background: - Co-Patented foundation technology in 802.11b used in all Wi-Fi (WiFi) chips - Co-chair of RFID EPC Gen2 Standards Working Group; harmonizing ISO 18000-6C standard with EPC Gen2; multiple industry and end user groups - Developed industry leading multi-protocol WLAN, cellular backhaul and bridging products; efficient use of unlicensed spectrum - Products and systems designed and commercialized throughout vertical industries ranging from retail and manufacturing to healthcare to government and defense - Six years at MIT Lincoln Lab developing high bandwidth signal processing for advanced packet radio networks, including RF, analog, digital, and microcontroller circuits Expertise spans: communications systems,cellular and local networks, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-MAX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, proprietary and custom, RFID( passive, BAP, Active, UHF, HF, and NFC ), air protocol design, MAC protocols, wireless network architecture, packet radio, interference mitigation, security and authentication, asset tracking, real time location, multipath processing, signal processing, homologation, regulatory agency and standards issues, hardware, software, HDL ( C, Verilog, RTL, VHDL), Matlab, analog circuits, digital circuits, RF circuits and filter design, antenna design, sampling, complex modulation and demodulation, signal processing, microcontrollers, multiprocessing, ASIC,FPGA, firmware, embedded code, and digital interfaces, near-field(HF), far-field, spread spectrum, direct sequence, Walsh functions, correlations, mixing, audio, digital audio. 12 patents issued (mostly self-written) Published papers, conference talks, Regulatory, IEEE, ETSI.