C. Matthew Stewart, MD, PhD Expert Witness

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General Specialties: Otolaryngology and Otology

Specialty Focus: Audiology, Cochlear Implant, Bone Anchored Hearing Aid, Medical Documentation, Informed Consent, Pediatric Otolaryngology, Credentialing, Peer Review, Acoustic Neuroma, Deafness, Hearing Loss, Patient Safety

Education: BA, University of Houston; MS, University of Houston; MD, University of Texas Medical Branch; PhD, University of Texas Medical Branch

Years in Practice: 14

Additional Information

I have an active hospital-based practice which includes both outpatient & inpatient services for adults & children. My inpatient role includes being the attending for adult & children, where I routinely care for patients after skull base surgery cases that include intracranial & extracranial surgery of the temporal bone. I am familiar with the clinical evaluation & management of complex medical & surgical problems after surgery. In my role as director of the adult inpatient consultation service, I also provide, direct, & manage the consultant care in all areas of the hosp. My clinical & surgical practice is dedicated to surgical restoration of hearing, including cochlear implantation. For the past 8 yrs I have been a member of The Listening Center. In this role I am intimately familiar with all areas of cochlear implantation including: the candidacy evaluation for cochlear implantation, the pre-operative evaluation of candidates, Center for Disease Control recommendations for prophylactic vaccination, the surgical intervention for all 3 major implants used in the US, the complications associated with cochlear implantation, & the activation & long term management of cochlear implant recipients. As the physician advisor and vice chair for quality, safety and service, I also have the responsibility of credentialing, peer review, regulatory compliance, morbidity and mortality review, medication use, surgical procedure review, and risk management. I am experienced in developing clinical care pathways, management algorithms, & multidisciplinary care coordination of complex patients. I am actively involved in teaching the clinical and surgical practice of otolaryngology, head & neck surgery to trainees at all levels, including medical & physician assistant students, otolaryngology, head & neck surgery residents, & fellows in pediatric otolaryngology & neurotology. This includes didactic lectures, seminars, conferences, experiential workshops & courses.