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General Specialties: Civil Engineering and Environmental

Specialty Focus: water,wastewater,design,construction,operations, management, public utilities,water treatment,water softening,water contamination, water pollution,water disinfection,sewage disposal,waste treatment,drains, drainage, wastewater, wastewater treatment,septic, biological treatment,biogas,UV,backup,leak

Education: Ph.D. in Environmenal Engineering, Oregon Graduate Institute; M.S. in Civil Engineering, Loyola Marymount University; B.S. in Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, The Ohio State University

Years in Practice: 28

Additional Information

28 years experience Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering M.S. in Civil Engineering B.S. in Food, Agricultural,and Biological Eng. P.E. Registration EPA Certified in water and wastewater operations 10 years experience in public utilities operation 10 years engineering consulting experience 8 University engineering professor and researcher Excellent presentation skills Experience in litigation and dispute resolution Credible and believable expert witness Expertise in Civil/Environmental Engineering Public utilities planning, design, and management Infrastructure construction, operation, maintenance Regional planning - utilities master planning Public policy and public information campaign Water and wastewater systems operations Water pollution identification and remediation Surface water and ground water source analysis Water supply system evaluation and operation Water pumping, distribution and storage Water treatment process operation and management Wastewater collection system operation Wastewater treatment operation and management Water and wastewater treatment process equipment Pumping piping and conveyance systems Water towers and storage systems Screening and grit removal processes Oil and grease removal systems Odor detection and control processes Ferric, alum and polymer treatment processes Flocculation, sedimentaation and clarification Aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment systems Biogas generation from waste materials Sludge thickening and dewatering Centrifugation and belt filter press processes Biosolids and sludge land application Chlorine, ozone, and UV disinfection processes Water stability, corrosion and scaling Reverse Osmosis and membrane filtration processes Infrastructure and treatment facilities management Operator training and certification Public sector design-build contracts Water and wastewater design standard of care Project management and construction administration Professional ethics