Quick Books Expert Witnesses

Quick books expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on quick books. The quick books expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Accounting and Intellectual Property.

Aaron R. Burgoyne, MAcc, CPA, CFE Spotlight Accounting, LLC

Clearfield, Utah
Accounting, Intellectual Property - Economic Damages, Damages, Fraud, Breach of Contract, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Commercial Damages, Intellectual Property, Ponzi, Investigator, Forensic Accountant, Forensic Accounting, Financial Analysis, Financial Statements, QuickBooks, Rebuttal Expert, Expert Report, Negotiation
Aaron R. Burgoyne, MAcc, CPA, CFE is the founder of Spotlight Accounting, LLC, a forensic accounting firm. Mr. Burgoyne began his forensic accounting career in 2013 when he assisted an SEC-appointed receiver in the forensic reconstruction of financial transactions for a group of companies accused of running a Ponzi scheme. Later in his career, Mr. Burgoyne performed dozens of damages analyses for an expert in intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, etc. He has also worked for the State of Utah in auditor and financial investigator capacities. Finally, Mr. Burgoyne teaches a graduate-level course at Utah Valley University on forensic accounting and fraud examination. Mr. Burgoyne has experience testifying in trial. He is able to navigate the pitfalls and challenges of trial testimony and provide clear, persuasive opinions to the jury. He views his interactions with the jury to be more than just providing information: he seeks to educate and enlighten j...