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Jeffrey T Gotro, PhD InnoCentrix, LLC

Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Chemistry & Chemicals Expert Witness, Intellectual Property Expert Witness - Patent Infringement, Polymers & Plastics, Composites, Adhesives and Coatings, Laminate, Rheology And Flow, Polymers Used In Electronic Applications, Polymer Materials Selection, Polymer Product Liability, Thermoset Polymers, polymer Processing, Epoxy Chemistry, Polymer Characterization
Dr. Jeffrey Gotro is an expert in polymers/plastics with over 30 years’ experience. His expertise spans polymer chemistry and physics, along with deep knowledge of polymer characterization. Expert in polymers used in electronic applications such as adhesives, coatings and laminates. Experience with polymer composites, highly filled compositions (fiberglass and fillers). Specialist in thermosetting polymers, epoxy, curing, processing, and process analysis. Expert in polymer/plastics characterization including multiple thermal analysis methods, mechanical property measurements, rheological (flow) measurements, and polymer processing such as dispensing, coating, lamination, and molding. Extensive experience in new product development and the product development process. Experience in manufacturing process development, process characterization, and defect analysis. Dr. Gotro has expertise in Intellectual Property evaluations and patent infringement litigation. He is an inventor ...
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Jeffrey Gladstone, PhD, PE Gladstone Engineering, Inc.

Sioux Center, Iowa
Failure Analysis Expert Witness, Engineering Expert Witness - Finite element analysis (FEA), materials, failed hardware, metals, composites, rubber, elastomers, adhesives, marine, sporting goods, industrial products, defense, rockets, aerospace, spacecraft, mechanical structures, pressure vessels, joints, vibration, stress, metal fatigue, collapse, metallurgy
Award winning specialist in structural design development and failure analysis using finite element analysis (FEA). FEA is a computer-aided engineering tool which provides a powerful means to determine why a component or piece of hardware bent, broke, collapsed or otherwise failed. FEA also allows one to virtually stress test a component of a design without need of a physical prototype. 30 years of hands-on experience as a rocket scientist working with NASA on deep space probes, on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo and on the Atlas V Solid Rocket Booster. Inventor of patented rocket component. Experience working with structures made from metals and non-metallics including composites, elastomers, and adhesives. Projects have involved aerospace hardware as well as the development of industrial, marine, electronics, and sporting goods products. Experienced public speaker.
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