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Huntington, New York
Personal Property Appraiser Expert Witness, Appraisal & Valuation Expert Witness - Art, Antiquities, Coins & Precious Metals, Collectibles, Gems, Jewelry, Historical Documents, Maps, Scientific Instruments, Sports Memorabilia
Over 45 years of experience handling hundreds of personal property and collectible appraisal reports for estates, insurance companies, legal disputes, charitable donations and the IRS. During the 1980's I produced many estate appraisals for the Office of Public Administrator in the boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island. All manner of Artwork, from Oil Paintings to Prints and Sculpture; Coins, from ancient Greek & Roman to all US and modern Bullion Coins; Jewelry & Gem Stones, Watches; Historical Documents including Maps, Political and Presidential; Sports Memorabilia including Sports Cards, Jerseys, Bats - everything except real estate. I have given expert testimony in court for lawsuits involving disputes, donations for tax write-offs, insurance work, family trusts & estate evaluations. Please contact me directly at 631-514-5988 for a free evaluation of your case.